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Larus ridibundus

Yurikamome / Black-headed Gulls (winter pelage) had cached the sounds of a plastic bag that yummy scones in it. Silently they came across behind me, just gazing the plastic bag. so I crushed one scone and served to them.

Soon many of Black-headed Gulls fly in and quickly pecked it and flew away.

Black-headed Gulls knows how to get what they wants. Guess what they asked someone to serve them something to peck around that pond today?

thumbnail image Natural time, artificial time

Earth Clock Report Part 1: Living World by Keiichiro Fujisaki

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Winter branch

High up in the air…

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I am enjoyed snail’s pace. Sometimes I would rest in a spiral room.

thumbnail image Is that a butterfly?

(in Japanese)

thumbnail image Morning dews

I wonder why the morning dews are so clear.