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Pinhole Card

for the solar eclipse


Currently sold at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa museum shop (157). Soon to be available online.

By applying the principle of a pinhole camera, we can watch a solar eclipse!?! That’s what this postcard with a tiny hole is all about.

Because the Sun is round, rays of sunlight filtering through the treetops appear circular on the ground. It works on the same principle as the pinhole camera: the sunlight passing through the tiny spaces between the leaves of trees casts a reflection of the Sun itself!

Likewise, in the shadow created by this pinhole card, one can watch the image of the Sun wane and then wax again during an eclipse.

Using the card:

Because the Sun’s rays are so very strong, the naked eye would be unable to discern a solar eclipse until half or more of the Sun is covered. Watching a solar eclipse can also damage our retinas if we stare at the Sun before it is concealed entirely by the Moon’s shadow.

But by looking at the sunlight on the ground filtered through trees, or the image of the Sun in the shadow of this card, we can see it wane and wax distinctly.

To see the reflected image you will need to stand before a flat (white) surface. Hold the card such that there forms a straight line between the Sun, card and viewing surface, with the card about one meter away from the viewing surface.


Total Eclipse in EL-SALLUM Matrouh, EGYPT 2006/3/29

Pinhole Card for the solar eclipse
Post Card, 100*150mm

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