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Kids Concours

Earth Clock: Design Concour for Kids

Kobe Airport (2007)

Project to mark the first anniversary of Kobe Airport, bringing to fruition an idea nursed and developed over a long period in conjunction with President Morii of Kobe Airport and others involved with the facility.

Sixty children mainly from Kobe will have the opportunity to tell (boast to) their friends for example “I designed the clock at 24 minutes past!” or “Mine’s at 56 minutes past!”

01min: Ryo Kuroda (Kobe) + Akane Yoshioka (Kobe)
02min: Tomokazu Asaumi (Kobe)
03min: Nene Masui (Kobe)
04min: Kana Imai (Kobe)
05min: Hazumu Morita (Kobe)

06min: Shingo Kikuchi (Tokyo)
07min: Yuuta Harada (Kobe)
08min: Gaku Yamamoto (tokyo)
09min: Yuki Ohta (Kobe)
10min: Mitama Masuda (Gunma)

11min: Atsushi Ishino (Kobe)
12min: Kanade Yamauchi (Kobe)
13min: Kei Kawai (Kobe)
14min: Tomoki Nakano (Kobe)
15min: Reika Ohta (Kobe)

16min: Momoka Ishida (Kobe)
17min: Ayaka Yui (Kobe)
18min: Mamiko Mimura (Kobe)
19min: Terumi Ohsu (Kobe)
20min: Tomomi Miura (Kobe)

21min: Ryouji Nagatomo (Kobe)
22min: Hikaru Kurashima (Kobe)
23min: Mitsuki Shibata (Kobe)
24min: Mika Kuramoto (Kobe)
25min: Fumitaka Kawase (Kobe)

26min: Junya Watanabe (Kobe)
27min: Natsumi Hirayama (Kobe)
28min: Nami Kumon (Kobe)
29min: Takahiro Onizuka (Kobe)
30min: Ryota Yukihira (Kobe)

31min: Mayu Saishita (Kobe)
32min: Ryusuke Suzuki (Tokyo)
33min: Momoko Ichikawa (Kobe)
34min: Miki Yoshiga (Kobe)
35min: Ryota Suzuki (Tokyo)

36min: Junnosuke Hatanaka (Kobe)
37min: Syougo Mizoguchi (Kobe)
38min: Daichi Suzuki (Gifu)
39min: Toshiki Sugai (Kobe)
40min: Yasuhiro Hara (China, Tenshin)

41min: Haruka Yorifuji (Kobe)
42min: Masaki Yasui (Kobe)
43min: Kasuma Iwamoto (Kobe)
44min: Ryuji Kishimoto (Kobe)
45min: Akito Takatsuki (Kobe)

46min: Rio Ueda (Kobe)
47min: Tsubasa Kume (Kobe)
48min: Naoki Kawamura (Kobe)
49min: Yukiho Arimune (Kobe)
50min: Yui Morita (Kobe)

51min: Kohei Yamada (Toyooka)
52min: Tousei Yamaguchi (Kobe)
53min: Masanori Hashimoto (Kobe)
54min: Fuuka Morisada (Kobe)
55min: Sayu Goto (Kobe)

56min: Yuri Arima (Kobe)
57min: Kohei Kawabata (Kobe)
58min: Maika Iida (Kobe)
59min: Serina Sekiya (Kobe)

For Japan’s first city-operated airport, an event in which local residents can participate is an important occasion. With backing from the likes of Hyogo Prefecture and the City of Kobe, the children’s clock design project is now also positioned as a pre-event for the Kobe Biennale 2007.


Illustration: Kazumi Udagawa

Hosts: Kobe Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.; Kobe Fashion Organization
Planning/design: Living World (Yoshiaki and Tariho Nishimura)
Motion design: Senya Nemoto, Yasuko Seki
Sound design: Kimitaka Matsumae
System design: GK Tech
Illustration: Kazumi Udagawa
Graphic design: Tariho Nishimura

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