For 2007 we have decided to give the exhibition at STARNET a short break, and concentrate on creating new works.

For those who look forward to the show every year, we are pleased to say that we are hoping to stage the exhibition at Mashiko again, and have been talking to STARNET with a view to doing so.

In 2007 we are also looking at running a small display in a different form to usual, which we hope you will enjoy.
Updates will be provided from time to time by e-mail. (2006.12.19)

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Mashiko exhibition 2006/STARNET

The Works of Living World

@ STARNET ZONE (Mashiko, 2006.8.5-24)

This was Living World’s second consecutive year exhibiting at the hilltop gallery STARNET ZONE in Mashiko.

The show featured our latest work, Waiting for the wind, along with Mind the World: Globe, unveiled one month earlier in Kyoto, and reconfigured versions of works shown the previous year.


Gallery 2. In the foreground is Mind the World: Globe. On the bay windowsill at the right is the video display A DAY; on the left, As the sun sees it; and just behind (hidden by) the globe, Beyond our solar system .


Against the back wall are two renditions of Living plant time .

This year we photographed and animated the processes of a sunflower dying and a potato sprouting new shoots. By the last day of the show, we had documented about two minutes of video. Below is the test take of the potato.


the Main Gallery. Members of graf up from Osaka relax and enjoy Waiting for the wind .


As night fell, Wind-lit: Solar – suspended in the surrounding treetops with the help of nurseryman Mr. Kamiya – took center stage.

Our Mashiko exhibitions have become somewhat of a summer tradition. That said, next summer’s show is yet to be slated. We should know by mid-winter.

Held: 2006.8.5 – 24

with Kyo Ichinose, GK Tech

Collaborators (in alphabetical order): Yukio Ando (EXA), Ryuichi Iwasa (GK Tech), Yoshihiro Kawasaki (NADI), Shunichiro Kuriyama (KARHU), monokraft (Toru Shimizu and Ken Katsumata), and Yoshihiro Shimomura (SDK).

Furniture: Hideki Takayama (Takayama woodworking shop)
Operations: Hiroki Sada (STARNET)
English text: Pamela Miki

Special thanks to (in alphabetical order): 4D2U Project (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Kei Fukuda (maf*maf), Keisuke Hirai (, Ryosuke Kimura, Yasuko Seki, Sound Bum Project, Satoru Sugihara, and STARNET.

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thumbnail image Loquat leaf

Loquat leaf bed.


Deep breath in orange

tari_111230_thum Larus ridibundus

Yurikamome / Black-headed Gulls (winter pelage)