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Sounds of nature on Iriomote (LIVE)

Living nature sounds from Iriomote Is.

Iriomotejima (starting 1997, stereo feeding from 2007)

A microphone is installed on a tree in a forest in the north of the island of Iriomote, relaying live sound.
→Sound Bum/Iriomotejima live page

The relay was set up around 10 years ago as part of the Sound Explorer project (see the start-up of Sound Bum for background info, Japanese). The project is now run jointly by Living World and Hiroki Kobayashi.

ADSL access is now available, allowing a system upgrade last month to CD quality sound. Sit back and enjoy the changing of the seasons, exotic nights on a faraway isle, the chorus of frogs, birds awaking at dawn, the sound of an approaching typhoon… :-)

From September to April the prevailing wind blows from the north, amplifying the roar of the sea in the background. In summer the site is sheltered and calmer.
Engine noise may be loud when vessels sail into the port of Uehara. Timetable



Initially the equipment was installed on a hill also housing NTT telecommunications gear, but a few years ago it was moved to a forest close to the Uehara district. Photo:Hiroki Kobayashi


From a distance the location of the mic looks like this. The site is near a small settlement, so depending on wind direction, may pick up the day-to-day sounds of the residents.Photo:Hiroki Kobayashi


The site is also close to the beach, and when the surf’s up the roar of the reef can be heard all day. During summer it is relatively calm, except when a typhoon is close by.Photo:Yoshinobu Takagi

We at Living World particularly love the morning birdsong and the sound of frogs during the summer nights. In summer the site is also visited by kingfishers.

Produced by Living World, Hiroki Kobayashi
System design/construction: Hiroki Kobayashi
Sound supervision: Yoshihiro Kawasaki (NADI)
Location support: Makiko Fujita (Iriomote Wild Farm)
System support: NTT West Okinawa Branch, IMS.JP, COSMOSMILE

Special thanks to: Noriyuki Ouchi, Katsunori Hagino, Yuichiro Takesue, Mitsuhiro Miyazaki, Yusuke Okamura, Aoi Hirai, Hideki Suzuki, Masafumi Horimoto, Masamichi Tamamori, Noriko Takaya, and many others


Adding Media, Subtracting Signs (ICC, Tokyo) in 1999

thumbnail image Table of sounds

A table filled with sounds of the world recorded by Sound Bum

thumbnail image Mari’s Tea table

(in Japanese)

thumbnail image Kyoto exhibition 2006/efish

After several successive projects in Kansai, we held an exhibition in Kyoto