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Rice porridge of the seven spring herbs

New Year's Day, 2001

Traditionally eaten on the seventh day of the new year to soothe tired tummies after holiday feasting…or so they say. Is it true? Well…give it try and see!

  1. Use “choice” rice and water.*1
  2. Wash the rice well, soak in water for 30 minutes, then boil gently in three times the amount of water usually used to cook rice for 30 – 40 minutes.*2
  3. Turn off the flame when cooked, quickly add the chopped herbs, and serve.*3
  4. Add salt, if desired, to taste.*4

*1 We used water a friend drew from a natural spring in the mountains of Fukushima.
*2 Avoid using precooked or leftover rice; start from scratch. Start on a medium flame, bring to a boil, then lower the flame.
*3 Warning: the herbs turn brown if exposed to heat too long. Also, be sparing with the amount of herbs.
*4 Use “choice” salt as well. The condiments you select make or break the taste of the dish.

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