In December 2007 we moved Touch the Light to the Osaka Renaissance of Light venue next to the Osaka municipal offices in Nakanoshima, where it ran from 17:00 - 20:00 from 12/15 - 25.

The schedule for 2008 has yet to be finalized.
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Touch the Light

New Kansai Electric Power Company Building (Nakanoshima, Osaka 2005)

An interactive light event held from 17 to 25 December 2005. When one touched the 1/100 scale mini liv-lit installed at the rooftop observation deck of the Umeda Sky Building, the shadow of their hand was reflected instantly on the liv-lit crowning the KEPCO Building 1.5 km in the distance.


Photo: Ryota Atarashi

As the sun goes down, the KEPCO Building liv-lit lights come on, as did those inside the mini liv-lit. The rows of lights moved in tandem with those tracing the movements of the wind above the KEPCO Building. Touch the light and….

VIDEO: KEPCO, Mainichi eigasha

…The camera angle is a bit cockeyed for our taste, but we’ll give the cameraman credit for doing his best in the cold and drizzle.


Below are some notes from our production diary.
The photos above show the sound designer Kyo Ichinose and the programmer Satoru Sugihara in a working meeting held well over two years before Touch the Light opened. Here they discussed the logic behind how the sound would be generated upon touch.

By the time “reflecting the wind” became the official theme for liv-lit, Living World had presented KEPCO a slew of other ideas: auroras, thunder and lightning, electric power supply conditions, and more.
Among these was the idea of “reflecting people”, which we urged them to pursue regardless.

“Frankly,” the KEPCO project manager said, “Osaka’s vitality is now on the wane. One seldom hears talk of times being good, and new building projects are a rarity. So as a local, semi-public company building new headquarters at this time, I’d like to do whatever we can. This not a commercial building, but want people to enjoy it.”


Above, GK Tech president Ryuichi Iwamasa checks the response accuracy of the sensing program. This was about a year before Touch the Light’s public debut. On the right is the component board inside the mini liv-lit composed of alternating rows of LEDs and sensors.
Media development at Living World is backed by wealth of talent and skills.

For further information see the Touch the Light documentary website.

Produced by: Kansai Electric Power Company
      Community Relations Department
      City Redevelopment Project team

Planning/direction: Yoshiaki Nishimura (Living World)
Engineering: Yoshifumi Kamenaga, Ryuichi Iwamasa (GK Tech)
Sound design: Kyo Ichinose
Graphic design: Tariho Nishimura (Living World)

Programming support: Satoru Sugihara
Engineering support: Sakurai (GK Tech)
Venue operations: Chieko Oka, Toyotsugu Shiba (Cactus)
Planning assistance: Noriyuki Fujimura
Photography: Ryota Atarashi

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