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Two CDs of sound journeys to remote corners the world.

CD 1 documents journeys made 1999 - 2002
CD 2 journeys made 2002-2006

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Sound Bum CD “Traveling with Sounds 2″

Sound Bum CD-02(2007)

Our second CD produced in collaboration with Sound Bum contains recordings of travels from nine sound journeys made since we completed our first CD in 2002.

A street performance in Senegal, a train chugging its way through central India, birds of Australia, distant thunder: a selection of the sounds we never tire of hearing, and would like to share with you.
Enjoy the passing scenes from these journeys…with your ears.

Without our creating a thing, the world is already wonderful this we find ourselves thinking again and again and again.

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01. Senegal and Gambia, Africa … 8:38 

The Makasutu forest from a canoe; grazing in the bush; a percussion group; beach on Goree Island

02. Sulawesi Island, Indonesia … 7:37 

Morning in a village; a grand funeral; songs of Pao-pao Permai village; con artist plying the streets

03. Mississippi, USA … 8:24 

Streetcar to the Mississippi; blues guitar at a bar; cotton fields; gospel singing at a nighttime service

04. Brazil … 6:47 

New Year’s concert; Copacabana Beach; horse-drawn carriage; the market and the bayt

05. Tunisia … 7:29 

Morning in the Sahara Desert; a valley spring; bottles in a dining coach; camels at an oasisr

06. Southern Vietnam … 7:15 

Morning on the Mekong River; wooden bridge; a squall; the market and frogs; a Ho Chi Minh cafeteria

07. Okinawa … 7:44 

Noren Ichiba (farmers’ market) and fish market; eisaa on Hamahiga Island

08. Arnhem Land, Australia … 7:14 

Birds in Cairns; birds of Kakadu National Park; people of Arnhem Land; distant thunder

09. India … 10:05 

Night train; crossing the Ganges; the ghats (ceremonial stairs) ; Bandhavgarh forest ; street traffic


Sound Bum Project
Traveling with Sounds 2

Audio CD/ June, 2007

Travel Recording: Haruo Okada, Yoshihiro Kawasaki
Editing: Haruo Okada
Text: Yoshiaki Nishimura
Design: Tariho Nishimura
Produced by Living World

 01. Senegal and Gambia, Africa
 02. Sulawesi Island, Indonesia
 03. Mississippi, USA
 04. Brazil
 05. Tunisia
 06. Southern Vietnam
 07. Okinawa
 08. Arnhem Land, Australia
 09. India

Price: 2,000 JPN

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CD tray made from REPAK 100% pulp

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