About us

Living World is a design office.

We plan and design museum exhibits and exhibitions, media for public spaces, graphics for publications, websites, educational workshops, architectural spaces, and more.

We also set great value on our non-commissioned work: producing original products and projects.
The underlying concept behind this work is creating “senseware“.

For each project we assemble a unique team, which may include specialists from other fields and artisans, building on each experience.

Who’s who ?

Yoshiaki Nishimura
Born 1964 in Tokyo. Planning director. Representative director of Living World. He is involved in three main types of work: creating, teaching and writing. Creative endeavors include Sensorium, Sound Bum, Mid-Tokyo Maps – the design, planning and project management; teaching, pre-design seminars at Tama Art University; and writing, related mostly to his studies in ways of working, includes “Jibun no shigoto wo tsukuru” (Make your work) and “Make your caffe” (coauthored with Idee). He was the chairman of the executive committee for Workshop Forum from 2002-04. →Independent works

Tariho Nishimura
Born in Tokyo. Designer, art director. She worked in editorial and website design (Felix’s journey around the world [NTT Communications] and others) as a member of the design team for the design magazine “AXIS“. Currently oversees all art direction, tea, wildflowers, soil and worms at Living World.


At “The Works of Living World” exhibition in Mashiko, summer 2006Photo: Kazuo Washio

Tom Vincent
Born 1967 in London. Internet director. Settled in Japan in 1996 after sojourns in countries around the world. He has been involved with Sensorium since 1998 and has been a part-time core member of Living World since 2003. At web design company IMG SRC he produced many websites in Japan and worldwide. He ran PingMag until it closed at the end of 2008. In January 2009 he founded Tonoloop Networks, Inc, to help bring the very best of Japan to the world. He was also champion of the first T1 World Cup (T-shirt competition).

Noriyuki Ouchi
Born 1962. Writer, web producer, soccer fan. Produced Sound Explorer in 1997 during the start-up of MSN Japan. Later launched the company e-Japan, resigning in autumn 2005. He currently works as a freelance Web producer and Executive Producer of Ayudante Inc. Author of “Dekiru 100 waza: SEO & SEM” (100 skills SEO&SEM) and “Shikumi kara namabu Internet kensaku” (Internet searching learned from the mechanism).

Webmaster: Kaoru Fujita
System support: Syunichiro Kuriyama (karufu)
Support staff: Yasuko Seki

Earth Clock: Design Concour for Kids 2007 Good Design Award
Earth Clock 2006, 40th SDA Award, Excellence Prize
liv-lit 2006, 24th IEIJ Light and Lighting Design Award (KEPCO Building)


Selected publications:
Living World: Fine Tuning Your Perception(2008; PingMag)
CONFORT No. 87 (December 2005; Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyusha)
AERA DESIGN “100 Japanese designers” (October 2005; Asahi Shimbun, AERA Mook)
Ku:nel No. 3(2003/5/15; Magazine House, anan Special issue)

Incorporated: September 2002 *active since 2000
Financing bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Major clients:
Kansai Electric Power Company, GK Tech, Sony, Flex International, Mori Building, NTT East, Idee, Japan Science and Technology Agency (National Museum of Emerging Science ad Innovation), Axis, Uchida Yoko, KEEP, Benesse Corporation, Kobe Airport, Kyodo News

Address: 4-8-22 Eifuku Suginami-ku Tokyo, 168-0064 Japan
      Living World Inc.
FAX: +81-3-6369-4720

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thumbnail image Sounds of nature on Iriomote (LIVE)

A microphone on a Southern Japanese island relaying live sound

thumbnail image In this time: 100 babies are born

The time taken for 100 new children to arrive on our planet
8,000 JPY Out of stock

thumbnail image Mind the World: Globe

Don a pair of headphones, touch the globe, and…

thumbnail image Waxing Moon

Moonlight on the surface of the sea.
It takes me…

thumbnail image

Heart-shaped stump surrounded by Kosugigoke (Pogonatum inflexum). Syusui-tei, Kyoto