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All six items in the “In this time” Living World sandglass series
are now complete.

- 100 stars cease to shine
- 100 babies are born
- 100 kg of space dust falls to earth
8,000 JPY

- the freediving world record surpassed a depth of 100m
- the silent musical work 4'33” was first performed
11,000 JPY

- sunlight reaches earth (wooden frame)
12,000 JPY

- sunlight/moonlight reaches earth
16,000 JPY

Handcrafted by Japanese sandglass artisans.

title image

In this time: 100 babies are born

From a series of sandglasses showing "other sorts of time"

Right at this very moment, children are being born.
This sandglass shows the time taken for 100 new children to arrive on our planet.

Virtually all of the atoms in our bodies and in the Earth were in interstellar grains – stardust grains – before the solar system formed.
(Donald Brownlee, astronomer)

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
(From Book of Common Prayer)

Out in space, one after another stars are coming to the end of their lives. At the same time, one after another, children are starting life on this planet.

Each of those children is a star.
Or perhaps the manifestation of a moment in the long life of a star.


The “In this time” series also includes a sandglass marking the disappearance of stars, and one marking the time taken for dust to fall from space. Together they form a related trio.

What are humans?
Shoots appear from dirt by the roadside and grow, then flower, giving nectar to bees before dying off and being broken down by microbes. From here, a new shoot peeks through.

Stars, people, plants.
Their time may be measured in different scales, but they share the construct of a neverending cycle of life and death.


In this time: 100 babies are born

Sandglass W:65×D:33×H:100mm
Weight (including the box): 160g
Wooden frame: Japanese walnut
Leather sheet 130mm square
Sand: Natural sand from Egypt

Frame design: monokraft (Toru Shimizu, Ken Katsumata)
monokraft are a pair of furniture makers whose photo frame designs are used for the Living World sandglass series. (The frames are manufactured at a separate workshop)

Price: 8,000 JPY

All prices in Japanese yen.
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