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Sound Bum Project exhibit

Earth Lounge, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Odaiba, Tokyo 2002)

A sound exhibit built with the Sound Bum Project, creating a garden-like space resonating with sounds from 24 locations around the world under the big globe at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

Held 2002/10/2 – 21
Organized by the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (MeSci)
Planned with the Sound Bum Project (Yoshihiro Kawasaki, Haruo Okada, Yoshiaki Miyata, Yoshiaki Nishimura)
Supported by: Pioneer Corporation, audio-technica Corporation
Planning management: Mahoru Uchida, Shoko Mitsuishi (MeSci)
Exhibit operations: MeSci volunteer staff

Sound design: Yoshihiro Kawasaki (NADI), Haruo Okada (Pioneer)
Exhibit design: Living World (Yoshiaki Nishimura, Tariho Fujimoto)

Speaker production: Masayoshi Miyasaka (S&C), Yoichi Kurimura (Koken Ltd.)
DM/worksheet printing: Maeda Printing

Special thanks to: Hiroki Kobayashi (NTT West, Okinawa Branch), Jotaro Shibuya (musegram), Yoko Yokouchi, Tsutomu Nagaoka, Taichi Ano, Reiko Shiga, Tsuyoshi Suenaga, Shinohara, Takuya Shimada (MeSci); Soichi Ueda, Chizuko Sami (Think the Earth Project); Asyl Design


The exhibition was set up in the Earth Lounge looking up at the Geo-Cosmos globe with its changing video images. Sounds from 24 locations around the world were arranged on a circular carpet.


Visitors were handed a circular worksheet (map) by volunteers at the site.


This visitor pressed his face right up to the cylindrical cardboard speaker trying to concentrate on a single sound. The round card in his left hand is the map/worksheet.


Girls listening to the sounds of the Fiji islands. There were speakers of three different heights: this was the lowest.


Part of a world map was drawn on the upper surface of each speaker.


MeSci attracts a wide range of visitors: even babies can be sound bums…


Visitors could sit on the sofas placed around the carpet and enjoy a 20-minute audio circumnavigation of the world by theme, for example people, seashore, cities, or forests.


Once again, MeSci does attract a wide range of visitors: even granddads can be sound bums.


Forest sounds delivered via internet from Iriomote Island brought live to Tokyo scenes from islands far to the south where the weather was still warm.


Listening to the sounds of cities around the world on headphones while gazing up at the huge globe suspended in the atrium.


Listening to animals in the Malaysian forest…


Straining for sounds in the snows of Alaska…


Straight down the west coast, to whales off the coast of Baja California…


Swinging round to Europe, and the sounds of a port in Provence.


From DAT decks for professional use to compact MD recorders, the recording equipment actually used by staff was also on display.


Someone even brought a mike into the venue to bum some sounds of their own (^_^:)


Setting up two nights before opening. Half the carpet was lifted back at a time and wired to the relevant speakers.


On 10/13 a lecture was held at THINK ZONE in Roppongi, attended by around 60 people. Sound designer Yoshihiro Kawasaki’s entertaining and easy to follow tales of his many experiences prompted a stream of questions.

On 10/11 a DJ event inspired by the ambient St. Giga sound was held at the Sputnik Dome at the Tokyo Designers Block design festival. Clubbers gathered for a great party that lasted from sundown to low tide in Tokyo Bay late in the night, with sound and visuals courtesy of Yoshihiro Kawasaki/Hiroshi Kawasaki / Akira Ishii / Kyo Ichinose / Tsutomu Shimada / O:g (Yasunobu and Aki Kasuga) / Overhead / Shinya Takaoka. (Video: Tsutomu Shimada)


The back of the worksheet looked like this.
An elementary school boy let us take this shot of his sheet: following a few additions. Thanks bud. :-)

thumbnail image Wind-lit (prototype)

The prototype of Wind-lit: Solar (2005), test exhibits in Tokyo and Kyoto

thumbnail image West

4:04pm the western heavens / in Futako Tamagawa.

thumbnail image Morning dews

I wonder why the morning dews are so clear.


Dragon emerges anywhere in this…

thumbnail image Wind-lit: Solar

Version 2 of the wind-sensitive light we test exhibited in 2001