2005 One Show Design award (shortlist)
2006 The 24th Japan Lighting award (KEPCO Building)

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Liv-Lit / Lighting as Live Reflector

Kansai Electric Power Company (Nakanoshima, Osaka 2005)

Liv-lit is an interactive lighting system created for the top of the Kansai Electric Power Company Building in Nakanoshima, Osaka, completed in December 2004.
The lights come on as the sun goes down, reflecting the actual movements of the wind.


Photo: Ryota Atarashi


Photo: Ryota Atarashi


The following stills are from the liv-lit website’s JAVA applet (computer graphics generated from live data)

Liv-lit began with the concept of creating a “live reflector”.
Because KEPCO has a high public profile in the local community, we suggested making the building illumination something more than just eye candy, i.e. a presentation; and that instead, it should express its surroundings, i.e. take “reflection” as its theme.


One of several features that make the KEPCO Building environmentally friendly is its natural ventilation system. Despite being an ultra high-rise, it has been designed to let the wind blow through (not to the extent that papers blow about of course). Located near the sea, the building experiences the very noticeable interchange of sea and land breezes during the course of the day.

Thus “reflecting the wind” became our main theme. Not a dramatic theme, as in “light imaged after the wind”, but rather a focus on reflecting the actual movements of the wind in real time.

Sample movie: Rows of light emerge from the point at which the wind strikes.

White lights move along the face of the wall at the same speed as that wind. At times, a faster wind blowing from behind overtakes the row of lights moving forward. (Live data/imagery can be seen on the liv-lit website)


Liv-lit – light that reflects the natural movement of the skies over Osaka – remains active every night until 11pm.
For further information, please visit www.kepco.co.jp.

Produced by: Kansai Electric Power Company
Community Relations Department
City Redevelopment Project team

Planning / direction: Yoshiaki Nishimura (Living World)
Engineering: Ryuichi Iwamasa, Yoshifumi Kamenaga,
Takahiro Shinkai (GK Tech)
Programming: Satoru Sugihara, Yoshifumi Kamenaga (GK Tech)
Sound design: Kyo Ichinose
Art direction: Tariho Nishimura (Living World)

Design simulation: Masayuki Kuramochi (Zero Studio),
Kei Fukuda (maf*maf)
Photography: Ryota Atarashi
Illustration: nog.
Planning assistance: Noriyuki Fujimura
Research: Tetsuya Kadowaki (KATACHI TO CHIKARA studio)

Architectural design: Nikken Sekkei
Lighting consultants: LPA
Lighting control system engineering: Toshiba Lightech
Construction management: Kansai Electric head office building / electrical engineering joint venture

Special Thanks to Nobuhiko Hirayama (Uchida Yoko),
Tsugitoshi Hatano (Application Plus),
Yoshihiro Shimomura (Chiba University),
Keizo Fujii, Shigeaki Yamazaki (Okazaki, Nishizawa & Associates),
Mariko Takahashi (Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center),
Hiroki Kobayashi, Sekisui House Umeda Operations,
Kanden Fudosan Co.,Ltd.

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