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All six items in the “In this time” Living World sandglass series
are now complete.

- 100 stars cease to shine
- 100 babies are born
- 100 kg of space dust falls to earth
8,000 JPY

- the freediving world record surpassed a depth of 100m
- the silent musical work 4'33” was first performed
11,000 JPY

- sunlight reaches earth (wooden frame)
12,000 JPY

- sunlight/moonlight reaches earth
16,000 JPY

Handcrafted by Japanese sandglass artisans.

title image

In this time: sunlight/moonlight reaches earth

From a series of sandglasses showing "other sorts of time"

A new (December 2006) addition to the sandglass series about which we have received many inquiries. These are freestanding sandglasses made of glass, with no wooden frame.

As the photo shows, this latest piece in the series actually comes as a set of two glasses. One shows the time taken for the light of the sun to reach the Earth, and the other for the light of the moon to reach the Earth.


The leather sheets are 10cm square, and the height of the glasses 9.5cm.

The sandglasses are made by a craftsman in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward, who turns each one individually by hand, stretching the glass tubes over a burner. Most of the figure eight sandglasses in Japan are made by the same man.

We’d heard that freestanding hourglasses were more difficult to make than the usual sort. The nibs at the two ends that would usually be left projecting are indented and flattened, allowing the glasses to stand upright. One can easily imagine how difficult this must be. But we wanted to make these sandglasses of glass and nothing else. Our craftsman apparently ordered in a new pontil for the job.


The sand is white. (Through the glass you can see the Living World chairman, our tabby cat Tabby)

The time marked by the sandglass is written in Japanese and English on the leather sheet. The mark that looks like branding is actually leather embossing done by a workshop in Yokohama. We sourced leather tanned in Tochigi using natural materials such as tannin, rather than chemicals such as chrome. We expect the color of the leather to further improve with age.

Light travels at 299,792,458m/second.

It’s incredible to think that when we look at people walking on the street, or ships on the horizon, what we are actually seeing is what they were a fraction earlier. Even the stars in the night sky are all tens of thousands of light years away. The universe we see is what the universe looked like in the past.

The sun is a fixed star very close to Earth, far, far closer than any other star. Even so, it still takes some time for its light to reach us. What about light from the moon, which is even closer?

This is a set of two sandglasses showing these time periods.


In this time: sunlight and moonlight reaches Earth

Sandglass H:95×40mmΦ *2
Leather sheet 100mm square *2
Sand: Natural white sand (Australia)

Price: 16,000 JPN

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