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Sound Bum CD “Traveling with Sounds″

Sound Bum CD-01

Sound Bum is a project that “journeys in sound”. Several times a year, since 1999, we recruit participants and journey to different parts of the world.

There we’ll stop on a street corner or some patch of forest, and start the recorder. And as soon as we do, we begin to hear all sorts of sounds: sounds that were always there, but had escaped our awareness.

The wind rustling the treetops in passing, car horns honking as if in conversation, hawkers in the markets, mothers calling their children home, tiny birds hopping from branch to branch, thunder rumbling on the horizon…. In the process of recording these sounds, our hearing grows in leaps and bounds.

The world is full of sounds, and at the source of every one of them, is life.

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01. Fiji Islands ,,, 9:48 

Coral beach; After-breakfast ukulele; Morning forest; Kava ritual; Rambi dance; Doodbye song

02. Fairbanks, Alaska ,,, 5:56 

University of Alaska research rabdh woods; Snowfiled birds and squirrels; Migratory crows; Distant truck

03. Baja California, Mexico ,,, 4:55 

Wind over a sandbar; Frigate-bird colony; Waves; Gray-whale blow; Underwater echolocation

04. Taman Negara, Malaysia ,,, 8:02 

Birds in the forest: morning; Forest: midday; Laughing Hornbill; Tropical shower; Forest: night

05. Lisbon, Portugal ,,, 6:33 

Backstreet in the old town; Streetcar; Cobblestones street corner; Evora cathedral; Mafra bell tower

06. Taiwan ,,, 8:12 

Alishan sunrise visit train; Gorge; Early-morning Tai Chi; A deity comes to visit

07. Hanson Island, Canada ,,, 6:58 

Conifer forest; Dr. Paul Spong’s OrcaLab; Orca’s crossing the strait

08. Bikin, Russian Far East ,,, 7:35 

Morning in the village; Festival; Accordion reception; Riverside campsite; Trans-Siberian Railroad

09. Cuba ,,, 8:08 

Old Havana; Morning in Baconao National Park; Santiago de Cuba street corner

10. Island of Hawaii ,,, 7:45 

Kailua Kona seashore; Garden party; Horseback riding in Waipi’o Valley; Lava flow; Morning in the valley


Sound Bum Project
Traveling with Sounds

Audio CD/ Oct, 2002

Travel recordings by Haruo Okada, Yoshiaki Nishimura
Mixed by Haruo Okada
Designed by Tariho Nishimura
Produced by Living World

 01. Fiji Islands
 02. Fairbanks, Alaska
 03. Baja California, Mexico
 04. Taman Negara, Malaysia
 05. Lisbon, Portugal
 06. Taiwan
 07. Hanson Island, Canada
 08. Bikin, Russian Far East
 09. Cuba
 10. Island of Hawaii

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