Price: 15,000 JPY

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All six items in the “In this time” Living World sandglass series
are now complete.

- 100 stars cease to shine
- 100 babies are born
- 100 kg of space dust falls to earth
8,000 JPY

- the freediving world record surpassed a depth of 100m
- sunlight reaches earth (wooden frame)
12,000 JPY

- sunlight/moonlight reaches earth
16,000 JPY

Handcrafted by Japanese sandglass artisans.

title image

In this time: relationship is infinity

From a series of sandglasses showing "other sorts of time"

A sandglass that has been positively received at our exhibitions, but has not been sold to date.


It contains no sand.


Here it stands on a shelf at Living World (the leather sheet shown is the one used at exhibitions).


Relationship is
a moment everlasting.

Something immeasurable
never ending
between us growing

In this time: relationship is infinity

Sandglass H140×D57mm
This freestanding sandglass is one-and-a-half times the size of the Sunlight/Moonlight sandglasses.
Sand: none
Leather sheet: 150mm square

Price: 15,000 JPY

All prices in Japanese yen.
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Cover for the textbook by professor Shinichi Inoue of the Research Institute for Time Studies, Yamaguchi University

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On a glass window, the star-filled sky spreads out before us

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Living World CEO, Tabby(age 10) loves napping on my dream journal.

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