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Remastered by Kyo Ichinose, the master of delicate, erotic electronic sound.
Documented on CD along with a long play (33 mins.) from the St. GIGA event held in 2002.

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A DAY: CD by Kyo Ichinose


To all who love the that moment before an orchestra concert when the musicians are tuning and the sounds of myriad instruments fill the air: we highly recommend the music of Kyo Ichinose.

We became enraptured by the sound on his first solo CD The Machineries of Joy several years ago and have since collaborated with him on many LW projects including liv-lit at the KEPCO Building in Osaka and Waiting for the Wind at Starnet Zone in Mashiko.

This CD includes two sources of sound from A DAY created for the Time! Time! Time! exhibition at held at MeSci (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) as well as a “long play” (or “chillout” combining synthesized sounds with sounds of nature) from the nighttime event Traveling with St. GIGA held in Autumn 2002. We are thrilled to be offering this stunning new disk.

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1. A DAY (Ichinose, 1:39)

2. Days, moments and memories (Ichinose, 8:17)

3. Traveling with St.GIGA (Ichinose, Kawasaki, 32:50)

VIDEO from the Traveling with St.GIGA
On 10/11 a DJ event inspired by the ambient St. Giga sound was held at the Sputnik Dome at the Tokyo Designers Block design festival. (Video: Tsutomu Shimada)


Kyo Ichinose + Living World

Audio CD/ June.2007

The two sound sources produced in 2003 and remastered by Kyo Ichinose, along with a long play (33 mins.) from the St. GIGA event held in 2002, redocumented on CD.

 1. A DAY (Ichinose) 1:39
 2. Days, moments and memories (Ichinose) 8:17
 3. Traveling with St.GIGA (Ichinose, Kawasaki) 32:50

Price: 1,500 JPN

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Track 1,2 composed and mixed by Kyo Ichinose
Track 3 recorded 11 Oct. 2002 at SPUTNIK DOME, TOKYO DESIGNER’S BLOCK
Composed and played by Kyo Ichinose
Mixing and sound design by Yoshihiro Kawasaki
All tracks masterd by Kyo Ichinose and Tetsuya Yamamoto

Cover design and sunset photo by Tariho Nishimura
Produced and designed by Living World

Special thanks to Fumiko Ikeda, Mahoro Uchida, Yoko Yokouchi

thumbnail image In this time: sunlight/moonlight reaches earth

A pair of sandglasses showing “other sorts of time”
16,000 JPN

thumbnail image West

4:04pm the western heavens / in Futako Tamagawa.

thumbnail image The sun in winter time

A sunny place at the Yoyogi Park….

thumbnail image Entrance movie

Movie created for the entrance of Uchida Yoko, Sapporo in collaboration with Senya Nemoto

thumbnail image In this time: 100kg of space dust falls to earth

Represents the time taken for spacedust to fall and accumulate
8,000 JPN