The "Sun" glass from our sun and moonlight set, fitted in a wooden frame.

Price: 12,000 JPY

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All six items in the “In this time” Living World sandglass series
are now complete.

- 100 stars cease to shine
- 100 babies are born
- 100 kg of space dust falls to earth
8,000 JPY

- the freediving world record surpassed a depth of 100m
- the silent musical work 4'33” was first performed
11,000 JPY

- sunlight reaches earth (wooden frame)
12,000 JPY

- sunlight/moonlight reaches earth
16,000 JPY

Handcrafted by Japanese sandglass artisans.

title image

In this time: sunlight reaches earth (wooden frame)

From a series of sandglasses showing "other sorts of time"

A sandglass showing the time taken for light from the sun to reach earth, originally one half of a set including a moonlight version released in late 2006. Produced in response to occasional requests for a separate sun-only option.

Our preference is generally for freestanding, purely glass sandglasses, however we were seduced by the attractive contrast of white sandglass and dark walnut frame.


Thermonuclear fusion reactions are generated in the sun’s core, then apparently it takes around a million years for this energy to reach the surface of the sun and be radiated into space as light.

If the diameter of the sun was say a meter, then that of the earth would be about a centimeter.
The distance between them would work out to around 100 meters.

Light spreads out from the sun in all directions at a speed of 299,792,458 meters per second.
A few minutes later, it arrives on earth.

The light received by the earth is only a tiny fraction of that radiated by the sun.
But this tiny fraction of sunlight is all it takes to create phenomena such as wind and ocean currents, and enable plants to make organic compounds and all the life forms on earth to live.

This sandglass marks the length of one segment of this chain.


In this time: sunlight reaches earth (wooden frame)

Sandglass W:65×D:33×H:100mm
Frame: Walnut
Leather sheet 100mm square
Sand: Natural white sand (Australia)

Unlike our other sandglasses this one does not come with a leather sheet and booklet.
It is the largest glass in the series.

Frame design: monokraft (Toru Shimizu, Ken Katsumata)
monokraft are a pair of furniture makers whose photo frame designs are used for the Living World sandglass series. (The frames are manufactured at a separate workshop)

Price: 12,000 JPY

All prices in Japanese yen.
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